Federal Uniforms

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Because the Confederate impression is exceedingly popular, there is more often a need for Union/Federal impressions.  And, whereas much of the Union/Federal uniform and equipment is historically transferable to the Confederate impressions, it is requisite to first acquire a Union/Federal uniform and equipment.  Our events are primarily Western Theater - so, keep this in mind when acquiring your equipment and uniforms.  Arrange to have a more experienced reenactor assist you with selecting sutlers and equipment.  We love to shop and help spend your money for the right stuff.  


Booties, black, square toe, with leather laces.  These can be a straight or left and right lasts. Expect to pay at least $95 per pair - and up.  “Horseshoes” on the heels are recommended, add $5.  Also recommended are hobnails, add $20.  These add-ons will help you gain traction and maintain an upright position on hills covered in wet grass or pine straw. WARNING: The horseshoes and hobnails are NOT for walking on hard surfaces - use caution when walking on tile, or slick concrete, and please stay off nicer wooden floors.


Sack Coat, navy blue, 4-button. Wool fabric, preferably with a diagonal weave, 5.5 to 12 oz., lined lighter weights, or unlined in heavier weights.  Lined versions are more expensive and hotter.


Infantry (Foot) Trousers, sky blue.  Wool fabric as described in sack coat.  These are supposed to come up to or above your navel, and be very loose. They should not stay up without….


Suspenders, cotton, of plain linen or cotton, or with period weave.  Fabric-piercing buckle type most authentic.


Shirt, 3 or 4 button, fall down collar, cotton.  One White or off white cotton, plus similar shirts in period civilian pattern prints or weaves.  At least two shirts recommended for over-nighters.


Socks, wool, off white or grey/brown natural tones.  Hand knitted is expensive, and not necessary.  Cotton socks of white or off white are also acceptable, but you will not find them as comfortable (yes, this seems counterintuitive).


Underwear (bottom half), cotton muslin.  Highly recommended to prevent chafing in all the worst places.  The alternative is to have the trousers cotton lined – and wear your modern underwear. 


Forage Cap, navy blue, with or without the brass infantry horn insignia attached.  DO NOT purchase a Union/Federal kepi (a short version of the forage cap) unless you are a sergeant or officer.