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Must be a minimum of 14 years of age, generally able to walk, run short distances, hold and fire a musket, carry equipment, and fall down (dead or wounded).  We will teach you your left from your right.  You will need to acquire the basic military uniforms and equipment - with the guidance of fellow Guard members.  Some "loaner" uniforms and equipment is available from the unit, and often from fellow members.  You will also be trained by the Guard to the skill level of corporal - though you may wish to retain the rank of "private for life."  You must be willing to "galvanize" (switch sides) as soon as your personal abilities permit. 



 Men, women, boys and girls are all welcome. No age requirements, all ages are welcomed. Minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

 You will need to acquire the basic clothing and accessories - with the guidance of fellow Guard members.

Some "loaner" items will be made available from the members and depends on sizes for males and females.

 You will learn as you go along; the things you may need depends on the "impression" you will choose, i.e., "well-to-do," poor, refugee, farmer, militia member, professional, craft, merchant, banker, etc.  This impression, you decide.

 We are on "display" for the newspapers, televisions and visitors' eyes, cameras, videos, etc. so we must strive to be "period correct" in our person, personal effects and all of our belongings at the events.

 Camping with cooking on the campfire will be available and encouraged at most of our events.  We are always on the look-out for good campfire cooks.


"Farb" is a term used among reenactors to suggest that something isn't period correct: wearing blue jeans, polyester, black sneakers, cowboy or combat boots, modern glasses, wrist watches, smoking modern cigarettes, drinking a can of beer, eating a burger or from a bag of 'tater chips,  using cell phones, etc.  It is the duty of each member to keep his "farby" stuff out of sight of the spectator public, and to remind other members to do the same.  Farb carried on the solder or about the soldiers' camp can/should always be tucked away in a period bag, box, tent, or clothing.