Confederate Uniforms

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Because the Confederate impression is exceedingly popular, there is more often a need for Union/Federal impressions.  And, whereas much of the Union/Federal uniform and equipment is historically transferable to the Confederate impressions, it is requisite to first acquire a Union/Federal uniform and equipment.  Our events are primarily Western Theater - so, keep this in mind when acquiring your equipment and uniforms.  Arrange to have a more experienced reenactor assist you with selecting sutlers and equipment.  We love to shop and help spend your money for the right stuff.  


Once outfitted at Union/Federal you can switch jackets, and usually the head gear, to create an  instant Confederate. There is one thing for sure, there was nothing uniform about Confederate uniforms - except when units were lucky enough to be issued new duds, all at the same time.


1. Shell Jacket, Jean wool, of grey, taupe, brown, or undyed, with lining.  The Columbus depot (with kersey blue trim), or similar style with no trim. 



2. Frock coat, jean wool, of grey, taupe, brown, or undyed, with lining. 



3. Sack Coat, of a civilian pattern and materials.  This is reserved for predominantly early war militia.  This is virtually a made to order item.  Avoid the commercially produced “budget” all wool confederate sack coat.  This was almost non-existent in the western theater.


Head gear


Kepi, Jean wool, of grey, taupe, brown, or undyed, with lining.  NO COLORED TRIM.  Avoid “pencil” rolled bills.



Brim hat, usually with ribbon trim on band.  Beehive, planters, slouch and other period styles.  Stay away from Hollywood style cowboy hats.   The brim hat is a personal statement, and costs $40 - $160+.  You can use this hat for Union/Federal as well.


Trousers.  When you are ready to move out of the sky blue trousers, you will look for jean wool of grey, taupe, brown, or undyed.  Also, cotton trousers of earth tones are also popular, especially for hot weather - and you can shed your long underwear if so inclined.


The rest of your Confederate impression(s) will develop over time, with research, experience and money.  Don't get in too much of a hurry - you will change your mind several times as it eats a hole in your wallet.


Tip: Avoid the pirate look (such as J.E.B. Stewart - he was the only one who could, did or should pull off that look).