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Bits of helpful information

Re-enacting Hints

   a) J.C.Penny's sells a ladies boot named "Kelly II" by St. John's Bay  for approx $34.00.   This is a nice for first time re-enactors as it is inexpensive with some nice 'period-like' features (an ankle length boot, square toe, and no metal grommets around the lace holes).  The heel and soles work well with the re-enacting camping. 

1860's Food

    Ham, turkey, chicken, pork, smoked meats,

    Vegetables:  sweet potatoes, cabbage, greens, beans, peas, white potatoes
    Seasonal fruits:  Spring: Strawberries.  Summer:     Fall:  apples    Winter: citrus (lemon, oranges)

    Bananas were a common import available from Havana and surrounding southern islands.

    Cole slaw

    Breads & rolls

    Pies and cakes

    Drinks:  Tea, coffee, water, lemonade, ginger ale, ginger beer

Sewing Notes: