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Blockade Runner

C + D Jarnigans

Charlies Boatworks

CJ Daley

Dell's Leather

Dirty Billy's Hats

Fall Creek

James Country Mercantile

Panther Primitives

Winchester Sutler

Cotton City Tailors

Wambaugh,White & Co.

Jack's Powder Keg


Sulter disclaimer:  The above sutlers have supplied members with quality, period correct merchandise.  However, most sutlers also offer additional items that are not. There is no guarantee just our prior experiences to go buy.  Know what you are buying. Research and careful review of products is key. Neither is the list all encompassing.  Many sutlers come and go, or change. When in doubt, ask. Caveat emptor.


Florida Battalion of Infantry

Cleburne's Division

Georgia Sharpshooters

North Florida Artillery

Leon Rifles

16th Louisiana Infantry Reg

Florida Reenactors Online

Georgia Volunteer Battalion

Dale County Beauregards

29th Alabama Infantry Co F


Camp Chase Gazette

History of Walton County; McKinnon, John Love, 1911

Authentic Campaigner

The Civil War Reenactors

Animated School of the Soldier